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Cup of Care

From pixels to millimeters

Looking to increase the visibility of your brand online or offline? I can help you with that. I’m a young and curious guy, passionate about graphic design and marketing in all it’s aspects, online and offline.

Here’s what I can help you with:



A custom WordPress website you can manage yourself with ease without the need of knowing how to code.


From designing a new brand logo to a dynamic video. Your visuals will come to life!


Flyers, brochures, posters,… You name it, I make it!

Online marketing

Need some help with Google Search campaigns, static or dynamic banners or social media campaigns?


Some words about me


Yannick Heremans

Owner of Cup of Care

I’m a curious 28 year old youngster from Antwerp city in Belgium. I work in an international pre-press company called DS-N. I started here as an Account Executive for a colleague who was on parental leave. When she came back, I was sent to ING to work there as a Graphic Designer 4 days a week, and one day still as an Account Executive in Antwerp. After 3 years I applied for the job as Team leader DTP for the Retail department.

In my experience as an Account Executive, I’ve had to manage a lot a projects on a daily base. During my time at ING as a Graphic Designer, I created all sorts of communication that had the ING logo. These were posters, banners, e-mail, video, etc.. You name it, I made it!

In my schooldays, I first did a degree in Multimedia and Communication Technology, with a specialization in UX design. After this 3 year Bachelor, I felt I wasn’t ready for the labour market just yet. So I continued to study at KdG College University and started another Bachelor in Business Management, with a degree in Marketing. Here, I occupied myself with the school Council and ‘The School of Marketing’, a marketing blog for students. After finishing my internship at the online marketing agency Boss Data, I got hired at DS-N and never left.

Levels of expertise

Although I’m still young, I’ve already had the opportunity to work in different fields and gain a lot of experience in different fields of work.

Online media


Printed media


Online marketing

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Need any help with your website, printed material or online marketing campaigns? Contact me for more information!