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For MAKRO Belgium I've set up a responsive template for a bulletin, a regular e-mail that's sent out in a series. The e-mail are part of a series that have been sent out during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is called "Groetjes uit" with each e-mail featuring a room that's put in the picture. Each e-mail has some promotions that are linked to that room.
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RW Coaching

RW Coaching Hero Image

I created a responsive website for Renée’s business called RW Coaching. She’s a lifecoach based in Antwerp that offers 1-on-1 coaching lessons and group-lessons. Renée is young and energising woman who enjoys life and thinks other should do too!

We are currently living a strange world due to COVID-19. If you have troubles dealing with daily-life, make sure to pay a visit to her website and contact her! If you’re doing fine at the moment, you should still check it out!

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